President Zeman sent a castle guard to Ukraine’s border with Russia to help our friends.

Zeman sending Castle Guard

Zeman sending Castle Guard
The very aggravated situation on Ukraine’s border with Russia, which could escalate into an armed conflict, leads many states to fundamental or less fundamental actions, where the less fundamental actions exceed the fundamental ones. Both the US and some EU countries are sending weapons or equipment to Ukraine. The Czech Republic has not lagged behind in this regard either.

“As commander-in-chief of the armed forces, the president was about to send an entire army to Russia’s borders with Ukraine to help our friends and allies in these difficult times. He was really, but very combative, ready to go. He wanted me to call all the generals we had on Monday morning and prepare them for it.

But then the president played with a ball of wool, which made him tired, so he went for a nap. When he woke up, he was disoriented and light-hearted. I had to explain to him who he was, what year he was and who I was. He was then very upset until the evening, so I gave him a ball of wool to play to calm down and leave him alone. The next day he was no longer interested in sending the whole army to Russia, and instead he demanded more balls of wool” Jiří Ovčáček explained the Castle’s approach to the crisis in Ukraine.

“But then our friends and allies called and the President promised to help. He met with Mr. Fiala, but he did not explain the plan to help our allies and friends. Unfortunately, without the consent of the majority in parliament, we cannot send troops to war. But what we can do is send our castle guard to the scene” said Ovčáček.