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Big Panda

Panda - the way of life

The big panda is a solitary animal that spends two-thirds of the day digging and eating food and resting in the rest of the day. He can climb trees, but only uses this art when threatened by enemies. These can be bears, wild dogs or leopards.

The big panda does not use any lair or landing. Mostly, he lies down to the ground just where he is. The bamboo forest is almost impenetrable, but there are tunnels dense in dense undergrowth, which make the panda easy and fast to move.

The large panda lives in areas where the climate is humid and cold. However, it has a very dense coat that repels the water and provides the panda with sufficient protection.
The big panda spends sixteen hours or more on a daily basis, but spends only that much of it in just one hour.

Panda has the strongest chairs of all the beasts in the world.

The large panda uses its short tail as a brush that spouts the exudates of the odor glands placed beneath it. In this really interesting way, the panda marks its territory.

The big panda has an excellent hearing, which warns her in time against approaching enemies.

Panda does not sweep the big winter, but finds shelter in hollow trees or caves in very cold weather.

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